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So I’m wearing a iron man shirt and I was walking and some dude was like
“excuse me, girl.”
And I was like what the fuck and then I noticed he was like wearing a captain America shirt and he said
“wanna make some live fan fiction some time?”
I couldn’t stop laughing.

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Anonymous asked: Hey, I'm just wondering how you feel about the allegations about Bryan Singer because after reading the article I just feel so conflicted. It's like a huge blow to my excitement for dofp and now I don't know how to feel. I mean, I'm probably still going to go see the movie because I love the x-men and all the actors in it I'm not about to condemn a whole bunch of people for the mistake of one person. But I just want to know your opinion on it because I haven't been in fandom that long.



Well, you shouldn’t base your opinion on my opinion necessarily, but you did ask, so here goes -

I am very, very displeased.  I’ve spent the majority of my workday now feeling very sick to my stomach and triggered by all of this.  For three years X-Men has been a safe space for me, even though I know no fandom is natively intended as such.  I’ve gotten through some very hard times by rolling myself up in these characters and stories that I love, by immersing myself in the canon as well as the fandom.  It’s unsettling to realize that someone intimately involved in the creation of the canon is … like this.  (I should be able to type the word, but I can’t right now.)  While I’m aware he’s innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law, this compulsion does not apply to public opinion.  The more I learn about the longstanding rumors and allegations against Singer, the more I believe that these rumors and allegations are very real and very true.  

As someone who is myself a survivor, I went to trial against my abuser and the defense’s primary platform was founded upon two facts: 1) I was mentally ill, and 2) Since the crimes occurred when I was a child and I and the other girls involved were standing witness at the ages of 17+, there was no “evidence.”  No “evidence” except our word, which was of course not evidence at all, because we were young and depressed and female, and because we had been children.  

The fallout of the trial was as traumatizing, if not more, than the acts themselves, because it fundamentally altered my ability to see myself as someone who should be believed when it came to crimes which violated my body.  Someone who deserved to be protected.  Every time someone said there was  insufficient evidence, or that we must be lying to - yes - ruin his career - the part of me that believed I was worth as much as this man crumbled a little bit more.

I know this is a long tangent into personal territory, but perhaps it helps put into context why I am so disheartened by situations like the one with Singer.  That my abuser later confessed and was found guilty was irrelevant, because the damage had been done.  Whether Singer is found guilty in a court of law or settles outside of it (and it will undoubtedly be the latter), for many of these young men the damage has already been done, both by the crime itself and the media + public’s reaction.

I still intend to see DoFP in theaters.  I don’t know if it will be the same.  I am trying to keep loving the things I love about X-Men despite the knowledge of what Singer has likely done, but it will be more difficult to watch the promotional tours in which actors I respect are required to speak in support of Singer (at least professionally if not personally), and to know that people in the fandom will also probably come out and say “we can’t know,” or “there’s insufficient evidence,” or “it’s their word against his.”  These arguments are all too familiar to me.  They are arguments which come from the privileged position of not having been a survivor of such attacks.  They are arguments from the position of being able to give into confirmation bias easily and without fuss, and dismiss the allegations as false or publicity stunts because that makes it easier to enjoy the media one enjoys.

I have so much respect for the other individuals and survivors who have spoken up on tumblr and other venues today about this issue.  I believe that our love for the characters and stories is stronger than the influence of one man who contributed to their creation.  

First, I want to thank you for sharing that. I think it might provide something that will help other people in this fandom. Since that is something you are in no obligation to provide or share with people, I think that deserves a lot of love and respect.

Second, while I am angry how vulnerable this revelation makes friends of mine and people who enjoy these movies feel, I firmly believe that what spicy said in her last line is resoundingly true: “I believe that our love for the characters and stories is stronger than the influence of one man who contributed to their creation.”

X-Men is a story that by its nature makes people who have felt excluded and marginalized feel included. And I am not going to let anyone take that away from me. I’ve been an X-Men fan, of the cartoons, movies, comics, since I was a little kid. This is my story, not his.

For anyone else feeling pushed out of something they love at the moment, this story is yours. What you feel for it transcends what Bryan Singer contributed to it, and it’s yours.